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Christianity, Marriage, Mitt & Mormonism

by Richard Young on 05/25/12

While many, including Romney, are using marriage as a wedge issue in the coming election, Christians must learn to scale the language barrier. Marriage to a Mormon is much, much different than marriage to a Christian. Mormon marriages must be sealed in a Mormon Temple for the purpose of sealing the husband/wife bond beyond this life. Sounds good until you consider that this sealing is necessary for Mormon men to become gods of their own planets in the "Exaltation." He must have a wife (or wives in ancient and some off-shoot sects that still hold to the ancient) because he will need her for celestial sex in order to populate whatever planet to which these new gods are assigned. In other words, she will become the baby factory by which planets are populated. Without her, men can only hope to become angels. And yes, to Mormons, the god of this planet (Earth) was once a man dwelling on a planet near the star Kolob who had his marriage sealed in a temple and was thus "Exalted to god-hood. In Christianity, a marriage ends at death, (Romans 7:1-3), and does not exist in Heaven, (Luke 20:27-36). Similar language does not same teaching make people. Scale the language barrier. :)

Speaking in Tongues

by Richard Young on 05/31/11

We of the Apologetic Research Center, hold the position that the tongues speaking discussion is an "in house debate," having Christians of good conscious on both sides. Where do you stand on the issue, and why. Feel free to join the discussion.

I must caution, however, that there are many today who see this phenomenon as validation of the salvation experience itself, most notably of whom are individuals holding a "Jesus Only" theology. To them, speaking in tongues is the third step in their 3-step plan of salvation. Without this experience, to them, one is not, and cannot be saved. We of ARC believe this teaching to be heretical, and have exposed it as such in the ARC Perspective entitled; JESUS ONLY?  Examining Modern Day Modalism.

Has the Religious Right Gone terrible Wrong?

by Richard Young on 12/17/10

"You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier."         - 2 Timothy 2:3, 4

Has a failure to teach and understand basic Christian doctrine relagated the Christian voice in America to being less one of reconciliation as commanded by scripture, and more of reviling rhetoric under the guise of "moralism?"

Further, has this shift in focus "unequally yoked" those who have accepted the biblical Christ with those who have perverted biblical truth for the cause of said moralism?

Lastly, are Christians called to proclaim salvation TO the unsaved, or to save their culture FROM the unsaved? 

Your thoughts.

Richard G. Young
Executive Director
(ARC Studies)
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