Taking a Look at the Nation(s) of Islam


  The Nation(s) of Islam are without a doubt, some of the fasting growing non-Christian movements in the midst of the African American community today. Also known as "Black Muslims," members of these organizations are readily identified by their crisp suits and disciplined mannerism as they distribute goods and literature for their respective organizations at many urban venues.

   I say "Nation(s)" of Islam because there are numerous organizations extant today that lay claim to this title in some form or another. This list includes, but is not limited to:

*These last 3 organizations appear to be comprised of collaborations of independent NOI adherents who seek to continue the teachings of Elijah Muhammad without alteration.

   These organizations tout amongst their achievements the ability to reform convicted felons, and their success in reforming drug addicts, thieves, and other social outcasts. Even more important than these things, these groups provide a bully pulpit for the disenchanted amongst the African American community. 

   The purpose of this A.R.C. Perspective generally, is to inform the Christian community at large of the doctrines and tenets of the original Nation of Islam as taught by its chief apostle, Elijah Muhammad. Although many of the Black Muslim leaders today vary in their current interpretation of Elijah's doctrines in order to justify their leadership, they are all in agreement as to the divinity, supremacy, accuracy, and foundational nature of the doctrine Mr. Muhammad taught. For that reason his teachings will be used as the plumb line by which all NOI theology in this work will be gauged.

   Specifically, it is our intention to target those of the black Christian community who have allied themselves with those promoting these deviant forms of American Islam, opting to yield to cultural affiliations rather than biblical mandate. (II Cor 6:14-17; Eph 5:6:11) We of the Apologetic Research Center believe that such alliances are due to one of three reasons:

       1.  A lack of understanding as to how fiercely anti-Christ and anti-Christian these groups are.

       2.  A lack of understanding as to how blatantly these organization's teachings conflict with such biblical essentials as the            authority of the Christian scriptures; and what these  scriptures teach about God.
       3.  A desire to promote unity, peace, and goodwill in the African American community at any cost.

   Those who lack an accurate understanding of just how fiercely anti-Christ and anti- Christian these organizations are shall be informed of such.

   Those who lack an understanding of the difference between the official teachings of these organizations and essential Christian doctrine will see these teachings highlighted and contrasted so as to leave no doubt just how deeply these differences run.

   Those who seek the cultural unity that they believe these organizations publicly represent will find that this unity will only come at the cost of abandoning true Christian doctrine, and that these groups do have a hidden agenda.

   The following is a list of the source material used for this study. The reader should take note that they all are primary source material, and were written by Elijah Muhammad himself. Only these works will be used for the doctrinal portions of this work. 

       1. The Supreme Wisdom (TSW) - First Edition February 26, 1957.
       2. The Supreme Wisdom vol. 2 (SW2) - Undated.
       3. Message to the Blackman (MBM) - ©1965 Muhammad's Temple #2, Chicago, Illinois.
       4. The Fall of America (TFA) - © 1973 Elijah Muhammad, Chicago, Illinois.
       5. Our Saviour Has Arrived (OSA) - ©1974 Muhammad's Temple #2, Chicago, Illinois.
       6. The True History of Jesus (THJ) - ©1992 Coalition for the remembrance of Elijah, (C.R.O.E.) (1)

   Because doctrinal information contained in this Perspective has never before been divulged to those outside of the ranks of the NOI, and because it may seem unbelievable to some, it is our sincerest prayer that the reader of this work would carefully examine its contents, look up the biblical references given, and even check out our contentions concerning NOI theology by looking them up in the source material listed; material that can be found in any public library.  We believe that then, and only then will the true threat that these groups pose to unsuspecting Christians be realized, and adequate theological defenses be emphasized.
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(1) The "True History of Jesus" is a compilation of Elijah Muhammad's teachings concerning Jesus Christ, and was published by C.R.O.E., the official archive of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.