"The revolution has begun... The rebellion is
against lack, failure, and unfulfillment". "To those
who are receptive, the message is clear: 'Rise up out
of out of the tomb of mortality and take your place among
the Enlightened of this world. Look up and see the unreality
of sickness and poverty. Step out into the Kingdom of wholeness
and abundance, peace and joy. The time is near for the New Age
to begin'. These highly Evolved Souls are helping us to  break 
the  hypnotic spell that has paralyzed us with fear.the fear of dying,
the fear of disease, the fear of lack, the fear of loneliness They are
revealing to  us that we are  immortal, potentially  perfect in mind
and body, abundantly supplied with everything needed.."

  Does this quote sound familiar to you?  Similar statements can be heard from some of the most powerful "Christian" preachers on some of the most popular "Christian" programs daily.  We are encouraged to "claim our guaranteed healing," and to "claim our guaranteed financial blessing." We are told that God is bound by "spiritual law" to give us whatever we seek, as long as we seek it in faith.

   In reality, the above quote is not taken from the word of God, but rather, it comes from the book "THE SUPERBEINGS, Overcoming Limitations through the power of the Mind," by John Randolph Price. 1  Mr. Price is a prolific author, and one of the leading proponents of metaphysical thought. "Superbeings" is a term he coined to identify those individuals who have "reached the stage of Harmony, where the body is maintained in proper balance, financial affairs reflect greater abundance, and fulfillment is the order of the day." 2  These individuals have "pushed through the barriers of humanhood and are the first of a new species of mankind." 3

   Although his writings are sprinkled with Christian terminology, it is clear that these terms are merely a means to an end.  In his view, Jesus Christ isn't "The true Light,"4 but rather, was only an "Enlightened Soul" whose "metaphysical teachings are now being understood more fully by millions of people seeking the Light."5  Further, in Price's estimation one that has been "Christed according to the truth revealed from within" need not be a Christian. His religion could be "Nature, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, or the religion of White Magic."6  It is the metaphysical mind, rather than a particular deity, that is important.

  The purpose of this study is to illustrate for the reader that these very teachings are not only common in the Christian community today, but they are also flourishing. They are growing virtually unchecked in the midst of local Christian churches, being fueled by the leaders of prominent national "Christian" ministries who proclaim the same teachings under the guise of "revelation knowledge" from televised pulpits.

   It is our prayer that by sessions' end the attendee will be so familiar with the cultic teachings of "New Thought Metaphysics" that he will be able to not only readily recognize it in all of it's varied forms, but will also be thoroughly equipped to take his stand and defend the Body of Christ against it. 

Introduction to Heresy
"New Thought Metaphysics"

   The term "metaphysics" is gleaned from the Greek words "meta" (after), and "physi-ka" (physics). It was coined nearly by accident by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, (384-322). It was the title of a book that he wrote upon the completion of his book "Physics;" hence "after-physics."

   While "physics" dealt with the "observable world and it's laws;"7 in the philosophy of Aristotle, metaphysics deals with the "principles, structures, and meanings that underlie all observable reality."8  Put simply, Aristotle believed that while the physical world does in fact exist (a reality that was hotly debated in his time) there are certain unseen rules, or structures that combine "form and matter in ways that determine how they grow and change."9

   New Thought Metaphysics, or "New Thinking about Metaphysics," is nothing more than the musings of ancient metaphysical thought revisited.  It is a system of doctrines that hold that all of reality is actually just a state of mind. This system holds that material wealth, physical health, and spiritual purity could be assured if one just acquired the proper state of mind. 

   To the believer in New Thought, sin and sickness are simply the result of "wrong thinking," and thus healing is accessed through teaching one to merely adjust his way of thinking. The contemporary Positive Confession movement is nothing more than New Thought metaphysics dressed up in Christian guise.

   There are many today that would dispute that these two philosophies are in reality, two sides of the same coin. They assert that any similarities between "Positive Confession" and "New Thought" are nothing more than Satan mimicking God's true "spiritual laws" as he always does. A study of the history and content of each, however, will put to rest such speculation.  There is, in fact, an unbroken line of development leading from one directly to the other.

   Beginning before the incarnation of Christ, it can be shown that this aberrant, and often heretical, theology existed alongside of, and as an alternative to developing biblical thought. It can also be shown that those who have represented the true God of the universe have consistently rejected and confronted these teachings as what they truly were, heresy. One need only examine the biblical and historical record to confirm this reality.

Name it, Claim it

   When confronted with the reality of absolutely no support, (historically, theologically, or otherwise), for the bulk of their teachings, the common refrain today from the modern Profits of Got is "don't get tripped up by your religion."

   With appeals to a "Revelation Knowledge" reminiscent to that of John Randolph Price's "Enlightened Ones," modern Name it Claim it purveyors eschew even the most rudimentary rules of biblical study, opting instead to purposefully reject the tried and true discipline of hermeneutical study in favor of any and all manor of wild speculation that goes as far as to:

  • Place God in a body that is a little over 6ft in height. 10
  • Proclaim that God is the biggest failure in the Bible. 11
  • Assert that there are 9 persons in the Godhead. 12
  • Teach that God can't do anything in the Earth realm without permission. 13
  • Contend that Christ took on the nature of Satan at Calvary. 14
  • Assert Christ's death on the cross did nothing to save mankind from his sins.15

   As outlandish as these teachings sound, they are the norm for followers of this modern (cloaked) form of New Thought Metaphysics.  Because there is no central source of absolute authority in this system, one may proclaim just about anything without being challenged. Thus, one outlandish story build upon the next until even the most absurd teachings begin to take on an air of normalcy. But before we go in-depth into the teach- ings of these modern Gnostics, lets start at it's beginning and follow it's development throughout history so that there is no doubt as to it's origins and progression.
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