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From Glenn:

Dr. Dollar is correct when he makes the point that everything produces after its kind. Horses do produce horses, dogs produce dogs, and God did produce us, which would make us gods (little "g") it would seem. Please reconcile this contradiction for me, (if it can be reconciled). I'll watch for your answer.
From Gwen:

I had a question regarding II Samuel, Chapter 6....Why Uzzah was struck down dead for trying to keep the ark from falling to the ground.
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From Ramon:

What is tithing? And are Christians required tithe or be cursed?
From Anthony Coletti:

If God wanted everyone to be saved, then they would be saved, or God's will is not sufficient to save everyone. Then God is not omnipotent. Or possible, God's will is passive, and mans' will rules over God's.

For if God is omnipotent and omniscient, then whoever God wills to be saved, will be saved. And clearly God knows every hair on your head, and no harm comes to those whom he calls to be his children.

If faith was an act of mans' will, then the final cause of salvation is up to man, and not God. But faith is a gift of God, purely by God's grace and will, not by mans willing and running after. Unregenerate man does not seek after God. Unregenerate man has no desire for God.

From Kevin Ali:

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has issued a challenge to the wisest men on the planet to prove that one word that he teaches is other than the truth; I have yet to see anyone take him up on the offer, and I have yet to be able to find any evidence that disproves ANYTHING that He has taught us.