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   The purpose of this ARC Perspective is to address a theology that we believe clearly represents one of the greatest threats to the clarity and visibility of the line of demarcation that separates the Kingdom of God from the Kingdom of the cults.

   Although this line has suffered many assaults throughout the history of the Christian church, no other group at any other time, (with the exception of the modern "Profits of Got" ), has been as successful at being, not only eagerly accepted by many orthodox Christian congregants today, but also to enjoy fellowship and encouragement amongst orthodox clergy as well; and this in spite of the Apostle Paul's divinely inspired command to; "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."

   Because this group shares an experience that on the surface appears to be similar to that of our Christian Pentecostal brethren, they are accepted as just another Christian denomination.  What we find interesting about this acceptance, however, is that while Christians holding an orthodox doctrinal view are quick to view this heresy as just another aberrant Christian theology, those who adhere to this heresy reject orthodox Christian doctrine, (and those who adhere to them), as apostates on their way to hell. All one need do to confirm this reality is to ask one of them.

   While it is true that Christians of good will can and often do disagree on many of the peripheral doctrines of our faith, (e.g.; worship days, dietary restrictions, speaking in tongues, etc), it is equally true that all true Christians share in locked-step unison, a belief in the foundational doctrines of our faith, (e.g.; the personage and nature of God, the requirements for salvation, and the authority of the bible, etc). Those holding to a modalistic theology openly, and vociferously, reject the truth of these foundational doctrines, painting them as heresy.

   In an internet document entitled; "Is Your Doctrine Damnable?," Modalist Pastor and theologian Gino Jennings, General Overseer of the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostles' Faith inc of Philadelphia, PA makes the following assertions concerning these foundational doctrines:

       "If you believe that there are three distinct persons in the Godhead, you are a false prophet and the doctrine that you are preaching is damnable."

       "If you are a preacher and tell the people to bow their heads and raise their hands and accept Christ right where they are, and don't tell them as Peter did, ("Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus."), on the day of Pentecost, your doctrine is damnable." (parentheses mine)

       "If you say that there is more than one Faith, and that Water does not save you, you don't know the truth."

   While the words of Pastor Jennings are blunt, representing in a blatant fashion, the breadth of the gap between Christian theology and that of the Modern Day Modalist, it only represents one half of a two-pronged assault on the Christian church by those holding this theology. The other half is represented by the likes of noted televangelist T.D. Jakes, who, because he is extremely popular in this age of what I call,  "The Cult of the Christian Celebrity," has access to many of the unguarded sheep left to fend for themselves by pastors seeking access to this celebrity association themselves.  It is our intent to skillfully defend against the one, and to ardently expose the other. May our God guide us in our efforts.
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  "An Examination of Modern Day Modalism"
By Ronald Thompson & Richard Young
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