"God-Breathed versus Revelation Knowledge"

   To the modern "Profits of Got" the word of God is merely "a" guidebook that can be improved upon. While they won't explicitly state this, it is true nevertheless.  It's reality can be seen in the fact that the scriptures don't even carry enough authority with these individuals to serve as the final court of arbitration when discussing issues of theology. In spite of the fact that scripture calls itself "God-Breathed" (Gr "theopneustos") in II Timothy 3:16, questions of doctrine are no longer solved through it's the careful study. That honor has now been bestowed upon what is called "revelation knowledge".

   Revelation Knowledge, like the "gnosis" (knowledge) of the Gnostics, is that supernatural phenomenon by which any and all new doctrine is validated; and by which tried and true doctrines are corrupted and/or arbitarily discarded.  To appeal to the authority of scripture, to them, is synonymous with relying on the doctrines of "tradition." Yet appeals to revelation knowledge are considered fresh teachings from God himself, by his Spirit. These "new revelations" are then transposed over the biblical text, grossly pulling the scriptures out of their true context in order to support things they clearly do not support.

   In this section we will attempt to expose these very teachings, contrasting them with what the scriptures really teach concerning such things as God, Jesus Christ, Atonement, Satan, faith, Health & Prosperity, etc. Please click the title link to access the information.


POG: Limited in Power & Authority; A Glorified man; The Biggest Failure in the Bible.

BIBLICAL: God as Sovereign, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Ruler of all that is.


POG: The Result of Positive Confession; The First Man Born Again; Took on the Nature of Satan at the Cross.

BIBLICAL: The Eternal WORD; The Everlasting God.


POG: The Opposite of Fear as one of two Creative Forces.

BIBLICAL: A Complete Reliance and Trust of God, Accepting What he has done, and No Matter What the Situation Looks Like.


POG: No Believer Should Ever Be Sick.

BIBLICAL: God at Times Heals According to HIS Will, But HIS Strength is Made Pefect in OUR Weaknesses.


POG: God Guarantees Material Prosperity for HIS Saints.

BIBLICAL: Because TRUE Riches are Gleaned by Knowing HIM in both The Power of HIS Resurrection, AND inThe Fellowship of HIS Suffering; Be Content in Whatever State You are In, Whether Rich or Poor.


POG: A Potentially All-Powerful Little God.

BIBLICAL: Man WILL Never become, and COULD Never Become a God of Any Sort.
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